The holistic methods that United Recovery Project uses to treat patients have helped the organization achieve an average one-year recovery rate of 42%. This is nearly nine times the average recovery rate of 5%.

, /PRNewswire/ — The team at United Recovery Project is proud of the outcomes it has been able to achieve for so many of its clients. When a person struggling with a substance use disorder is able to experience long-term recovery, they have greater hope for maintaining lifetime sobriety. A one-year recovery rate of 42% is exceptional by every standard within the substance abuse treatment community.

For United Recovery Project’s clients, recovery doesn’t just mean an absence of drug or alcohol abuse and other maladaptive behaviors; it also includes improved personal relationships, stronger coping skills, better employability, and more. Those are the benchmarks that the facility and its providers set for satisfactory patient results.

The exceptional outcomes that patients experience at United Recovery Project can be attributed to several factors. One thing that cannot be ignored is the facility’s commitment to providing each patient with exactly what they need. Everyone in recovery has a unique addiction story. To have the best chance of long-term healing, they need a treatment strategy that is customized for them.

Patients who are in treatment environments that align with their needs feel more comfortable sharing and actively participating in therapy. One way that United Recovery Project works to provide clients with personalized treatment is by providing care targeted to the needs of various communities. Patients who wish to can participate in therapies designed specifically for men, women, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. There are also options for group and individual therapy.

Drug addiction is complex, and recovery is a multistep process. What each patient needs depends on their experiences, other co-occurring diagnoses, and the substances they were dependent on. Many addicts need medically supervised detox in a safe, supportive environment before they are able to successfully take part in other levels of treatment.

United Recovery Project offers holistic and medical detox programs, depending on the needs of the patient. Additionally, it offers several levels of substance use disorder treatment, including residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient programs. Each client’s team will work closely with them to determine which level of treatment is best.

Recovery periods of a year or longer are only achievable if the patient is able to stay on the right track after being discharged from a full- or part-time treatment program. Unfortunately, this is the point at which many addicts struggle. That’s why United Recovery Project offers ongoing addiction treatment support through a lifetime aftercare program. These aftercare efforts include sober living, relapse prevention, and an alumni program.

According to the team at United Recovery Project, the treatment environment it provides has had a significant positive impact on patient outcomes. At this luxury treatment center, patient comfort and well-being is a top priority. Recovery is hard work, and the environment patients are in should not add to their difficulties.

Patients who take part in United Recovery Project’s treatment programs work with a team of experienced, caring professionals. They take part in traditional therapies like CBT and DBT, which have been proven to be effective over many years. However, the team also believes in taking a holistic approach to addiction treatment. Patients may participate in nontraditional addiction and mental health treatments like art therapy, music therapy, equine therapy, animal-assisted therapy, nutrition therapy, and life skills training.

The United Recovery Project team recognizes that patients have the best outcomes when they are able to choose the treatment center that is best for them. To assist patients in making this decision, the center offers tours of all of its facilities, including Genesis House and detox, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient treatment spaces.

In the future, United Recovery Project will continue to take a holistic yet evidence-based approach to substance abuse treatment. It will improve existing treatments and adopt new ones in an effort to attain even better treatment goals in the future. The team is committed to setting a standard that all other treatment centers aspire to. Anybody who is interested in learning more about substance abuse treatment at URP and patient outcomes can visit

About United Recovery Project

URP is a luxury drug and alcohol treatment facility. It was established in Hollywood, Florida, in 2016 and has since expanded to California. In the future, there are plans to open an additional facility in other states to offer these proven treatment methods to more people who are struggling with addiction. The facility was launched to provide a caring, more effective approach to addiction treatment that centers on the patient’s needs. To that end, it offers a range of therapies, levels of treatment, and addiction resources.

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