, /PRNewswire/ — PharmaForce International (PFI) recently published a benchmarking report covering the digital marketing trends and expenditures of key Oncology and Immunology companies. The report provides a strategic overview of the best practices, as well as each individual company’s approach to the evolving digital marketing landscape. Several note-worthy trends were captured within the report. One trend, in particular, is the progression of the digital marketing footprint over the past 20 years.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many pharma companies in the United States had to rely almost entirely on digital channels to connect with healthcare professionals (HCPs). This large use of digital channels during the pandemic further validated the significant influence it has in the overall success of a brand. Now, companies have gone back to utilizing some face-to-face interactions, but still dedicate a much larger percentage of marketing approaches to digital methods. Digital footprints are expected to only expand moving forward, but also diversify in how pharma companies market to both patients and HCPs.

Allison Keylor, Director of the United States Business Unit at PFI, states that “Digital marketing is not a new concept for most pharmaceutical companies, as many of these companies have always had digital aspects, such as product websites, in place. However, what is innovative about digital marketing now is the direct effect it has on brand strategy.”

“Website traffic, clicks, and social media play such an essential role in connecting brands to patients and HCPs in today’s market. Connecting via digital mediums has become more tactical in recent years, with close watch on ROI and having the ability to carefully measure investment versus return as a top priority among pharmaceutical marketers. Looking ahead, digital concepts will continue to impact strategic decisions and the approach pharmaceutical companies make to connect with patients in new and meaningful ways” say Keylor.

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