UK weather: People urged to heat main rooms as cold snap begins

People are being advised to heat living rooms during the day and bedrooms before going to sleep as a cold spell hits the UK.Health officials issued the advice to people who cannot heat every room or are struggling with heating costs.Overnight lows of -10C (14F) are predicted in northern Scotland amid snow and ice warnings

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Telescopes Team Up to Forecast an Alien Storm on Titan

Two views of Saturn's moon Titan captured by the James Webb Space Telescope. The image on the left uses a filter sensitive to Titan's lower atmosphere, and the image on the right is a color composite. At bottom is an annotated version, indicating a few features captured in each image. (NASA, ESA, CSA, A. Pagan

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Medieval necklace found near Northampton 'internationally important'

The 1,300-year-old necklace was found in an early medieval burial site in NorthamptonshireArchaeologists have found a "once-in-a-lifetime" gold necklace dating back to 630-670 AD and described as the richest of its type ever uncovered in Britain.The jewellery, found near Northampton, has at least 30 pendants and beads made of Roman coins, gold, garnets, glass and

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Dig at UK housing site yields major 7th century treasures

LONDON (AP) — A 1,300-year-old gold and gemstone necklace found on the site of a new housing development marks the grave of a powerful woman who may have been an early Christian religious leader in Britain, archaeologists said Tuesday.Experts say the necklace, uncovered with other items near Northampton in central England, is part of the

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Ethereum change cut cryptocurrency power demand

A stock image of computers mining cryptocurrencyA change in the way the cryptocurrency Ethereum works may have cut its power consumption by country-sized amounts.The amount of electricity saved is similar to that used by Ireland or even Austria, work published in the data-science journal Patterns suggests.Bitcoin, the largest crypto, is thought to use more electricity

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Deforestation: EU law bans goods linked to destruction of trees

Image source, Getty ImagesBy Antoinette RadfordBBC NewsThe European Union has agreed a new law that would ban the import of products linked to deforestation.Household goods such as coffee, chocolate, and some furniture will have to pass strict checks to ensure forests weren't damaged to create them.Environmental group Greenpeace called it a breakthrough, but some countries

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California airports face disruption due to flooding, study finds

The Pacific Ocean and California's coast are just two of the major draws for visiting the state, but they could soon be the reason that doing so becomes more difficult. A new study reveals that as sea level rise increases and flooding worsens, dozens of airports in California, including Los Angeles International and San Francisco

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Wales weather: Met Office issues warning for ice

A weather warning for ice has been issued for Wales later this week, with temperatures expected to drop.The Met Office has issued the yellow warning from 00:00 GMT until 18:00 on Thursday for all 22 local authority areas in Wales.The forecaster said there could be some injuries from slips and falls, while there may be

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U.S. aluminum plants are releasing tons of a highly potent greenhouse gas, unlike their counterparts abroad

This article was published in partnership with Inside Climate News, a nonprofit, independent news outlet that covers climate, energy and the environment.ROBARDS, Ky. — Shielded by protective hoods and covered by a hard outer crust, giant pots brimming with molten aluminum bubble gently in a series of long, metal buildings here that make up the

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Plea after three guinea pigs found in bag in Shetland

The Scottish SPCA has urged people not to abandon unwanted pets after three guinea pigs were found in a bag.The long-haired pets were found in a Lerwick street in Shetland in a large bag which had hay at the bottom.They are now being cared for in a rescue and rehoming centre.The animal charity said: "We

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