The #FreeBritney movement proved to be effective in helping Britney Spears liberate herself from her domineering father and end the conservatorship that controlled her life for 13 years.

Now, another former child star is hoping to ride the tide of public sentiment that helped Britney triumph over her own family.

Like Spears, actress Amanda Bynes has been in a conservatorship for much of her adult life.

Amanda’s began back in 2013 when a streak of erratic behavior led to her being placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold and committed to a mental health facility.

Amanda Bynes Wants Out

Prior to being committed, Bynes lit her neighbors’ driveway on fire, accidentally soaking her own dog in gasoline in the process.

While her parents had expressed concerns about her behavior on several previous occasions, it was the gasoline incident that convinced authorities that the actress presented a danger to herself and others.

Now, nine years later, Bynes is asking for a chance to prove to the court that she’s no longer a threat.

Amanda Bynes joins Instagram

According to TMZ, Amanda has already taken her first steps toward freedom:

On Wednesday, she filed paperwork in a Los Angeles County Courtroom requesting that the terms of her conservatorship be reviewed at a hearing.

The timing is a bit strange, as Bynes’ conservatorship was just extended until 2023 at a hearing that was held in September.

Amanda Bynes in 2020

It was widely assumed that that would be the last time we’d see Amanda and her parents in court until next year.

But apparently, the former Nickelodeon star decided 2023 is too far away.

While we don’t know for sure that Bynes was inspired by Britney’s courageous fight for freedom, that certainly seems to be the case.

Amanda Bynes Face Tattoo

How else to explain Amanda’s seemingly sudden urge to face off with her parents so soon after their last hearing?

Insiders say Britney is committed to helping others who have been unfairly placed under the control of their parents or other family members,

So it’s possible that Bynes could receive some assistance from the pop queen herself.

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But even if Ms. Spears helps her out with legal fees and raising public awareness, Amanda will still be fighting an uphill battle.

Sources close to the situation say that Amanda has shown signs of progress several times in recent years.

However, her periods of improvement were often short-lived, and her behavior in recent years might make it difficult to convince a judge that she’s capable of properly caring for herself.

Amanda Bynes New Haircut

Bynes was forced into a psychiatric facility in March of 2020 after her quickie engagement to a man she met in rehab came to an abrupt end.

That same year, Bynes debuted a face tattoo that some took as a sign of mental instability.

Obviously, no outsider is in a position to evaluate Amanda’s mental health, but her behavior over the past two years will likely be mentioned in court, should her family decide that they want to fight to keep her conservatorship in place.

We can only hope that unlike Britney’s family, they truly have Amanda’s best interests at heart.