Audrey Roloff has shared a new post on social media.

And the public has reacted as it so often does to posts the former reality star shares on social media.

Late last week, as you can see below, Audrey uploaded a “glance at her day,” which included a rather long to-do list.

The author’s errands involved returning library books, going to a lash appointment, making sourdough, picking tomatoes, making dinner, and going for a swim with her children.

Audrey Roloff had a busy day in September 2023, as you can see here. (Instagram)

In and of itself, making a list such as this is probably a good idea for any parent; it helps organize their day and their thoughts.

Why put it out there for the whole world to see?

That question could be asked of plenty of things folks put on Instagram.

In Audrey’s case, it just opened her up to a new round of criticism from strangers across the Internet.

Audrey Roloff shared this photo in recognization of her own birthday in 2023. (Instagram)

Most notably, many followers honed in on five-year old Ember and her daily routine.

“What about Ember? Is she not meant to be homeschooling the poor kid?” asked one individual, while another acknowledged the citation of a “co-op,” which is typically when a group of families band together to educate their kids outside of school.

Others, meanwhile, took issue with Audrey implying that she had any sort of busy or stressful day via this post.

“She’s getting her lashes done and going swimming. That’s not work,” remarked one commenter, prompting another to agree as follows:

“She is a privileged and ignorant little girl.”

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff took Ember and Bode to Disneyland in 2023, though some of Auj’s fans disapproved for the worst imaginable reasons. (Instagram)

Roloff has often come under fire for social media uploads.

Last month, for example, she implied that one should NOT seek professional help for mental health struggles.

“Ask God, ‘What do you want me to know about my anxiety?’ and quiet your mind enough to listen,” Audrey wrote, prior to clarifying that she didn’t mean one should only do this.

“[I] never said nor encouraged people to not seek treatment,” Audrey claimed after seeing the barrage of negative comments on her account.

“In fact, I encouraged the opposite. To figure out the cause and explore solutions. Hence ‘start things and stop things.’”

Oh, Audrey Roloff. Couldn’t you have ignored this question? (Instagram)

Audrey has also been criticized in the past for some unhealthy parenting decisions, while Jeremy became the center of unwanted attention several days ago for endangering his daughter on an ATV.

Typically, we’d encourage social media users to avoid playing the role of parenting police.

In some of these cases, though?

Perhaps the Roloffs would be best served by taking a posting hiatus.