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Chris Evans opened up a little bit about his relationship with his wife Alba Baptista in a new profile for GQ published on Tuesday, Sep. 19. The Pain Hustlers star, 42, gushed about some of the things that he loves about his wife, 26, including that she reads into “people’s energies.”

The interview was conducted months before the couple got married, so The Avengers actor referred to Alba as his “girlfriend” throughout the interview. When responding to a question from the writer about trying to put him in a box, Chris explained how the two of them differ. “My girlfriend’s really big into people’s energies and first impressions. I’m not so much, because I feel that I don’t always give off the same thing out of the gate. So I try to really reserve judgment. But you had a very, very nice energy when you first came in,” he said.

Chris shared a few details about his relationship with Alba Baptista in a new interview. (MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

At another point in the interview, Chris explained his decision to take a break from working on movies, after he started seeing the Warrior Nun star. “When we began dating, I was like: ‘Yeah, I do one movie a year. I try to never work now.’ And then, after like a few months of dating, boom, guess what?” he said. “We’re living in Atlanta for a year. Get ready. And even when that year was happening, I was like, man, never again.”

Chris and Alba went Instagram Official in Jan. 2023. He later gushed about her in a tribute for Valentine’s Day. Chris shared a series of pics and videos, including one where the actress got super competitive playing a video game. “She hates this video but I LOVE it,” he wrote. Before the Valentine’s tribute, it was reported that the pair had been dating for over a year in 2022, by People

Over a week before Chris’ GQ profile came out, it was reported that the Lightyear star and Alba had tied the knot in a secret ceremony at a private estate in Cape Cod. Only family and friends were invited, including many of Chris’ Avengers co-stars, according to a report by Page Six.