Back in January, Farrah Abraham slapped a security guard while partying at an LA nightclub.

It did not work out well for her.

In response to her attack, Farrah was pinned to the ground and placed under citizen’s arrest.

As Ms. Abraham writhed on the ground, cops were called to the scene, and she was eventually cuffed and placed under actual arrest.

Farrah Abraham Gets Angry

Naturally, Farrah played the victim in the aftermath of this incident, issuing a lengthy statement in which she claimed that she was targeted by security for no reason.

This description doesn’t quite jibe with video from the incident, in which Farrah can be heard screaming insults and repeatedly insisting that she’s “a JD law student.”

“You know why people fight hard in jail?! Sickos like you! Harassers like you!” Abraham shrieked in the footage.

“Harassers like you! Harassers like you, to a single mom! AMEN! I’ve already been calm. I already will be calm…I am a JD law student! I will be more calm than anyone has ever been!”

These days, Farrah has finally managed to calm down a little, and she’s speaking about the incident with a bit more clarity.

According to new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Farrah will soon be checking in to a Texas facility where she’ll undergo four weeks of treatment for the trauma she’s been experiencing as a result of her arrest.

Farrah Abraham Flips Out

“I look forward to sharing that journey with others and I hope there’s just less taboo about taking care of your mental health when we are experiencing a lot of trauma and difficulties in our world right now,” Farrah says.

On Reddit and elsewhere, fans have been quick to suggest that Abraham is just bolstering her case for when she inevitably sues the club and the individual security guards who restrained her.

Of course, remaining in treatment for 28 days won’t be easy for Farrah.

Farrah Abraham Confessional Photo

After all, she’ll likely be required to stay off of social media for the duration of her stay, which is a serious challenge for the full-time influencer.

Oh, and she also has a 13-year-old daughter at home!

Farrah probably forgets that Sophia is still a kid because the two of them are pretty much besties at this point.

Sophia Abraham Septum Piercing

Earlier this week, Farrah shared that Sophia had gotten her septum pierced.

The elder Abraham says she was opposed to the decision, but adds that in the end, there was little she could do to prevent it.

“I am blessed that even though I wasn’t for it, that we had a professional pierce her nose,” Farrah wrote on Instagram.

Farrah on Sophia's Birthday

“To those who might feel that it’s inappropriate that my daughter got her nose professionally done legally– I’m all about being legal– we abided by the law,” Abraham continued.

“I am doing my best as a parent to make sure that she is healthy and happy and I covered those bases.” 

We have no problem with a teenager getting an unorthodox piercing — but it’s a little weird that Farrah was against Sophia’s decision, and yet didn’t think it could be stopped.

Farrah Brings Sophia Along

Is saying “no” not a pretty important part of parenting?

Maybe Farrah just feels bad because she’ll once again be abandoning Sophia to pursue some foolish nonsense.

Hopefully, if the club settles out of court, Farrah will take her daughter on whatever celebratory vacation she books.