Is it too soon to get Apollo Rossdale a record deal? In honor of Gwen Stefani’s son turning eight years old, Apollo busted out his own rendition of ‘Old MacDonald,’ and it’s bound to be the next ‘Baby Shark!’

Clearly, Apollo Rossdale takes after his parents. The son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale showed off his musical talents on his 8th birthday (Feb. 28). A very young Apollo broke out in song with a mouth full of snacks, singing a version of “Old MacDonald Had A Farm.” And what is on MacDonald’s farm in Apollo’s rendition? A baby (“With Baby baby here, and a baby babe there”) and a mama (“And a Mama here, a Mama here”). Gwen, 52, who acted as the cameraperson, told Apollo to blow kisses at the end. Instead, Apollo leaned in and kissed the back of her phone.

“happy 8th birthday to our angel [angel emoji] boy a true gift from God your family loves u Apollo!!! gx,” Gwen captioned the video. Fans chimed in with birthday messages in the comments. “HBD APOLLO,” wrote Carter Rubin. “Happy Birthday, Apollo dear! Don’t grow up too fast!” wrote one fan. “Is he saying ‘and on his farm, he had a Blake [Shelton]?” asked another. “Super high level of cuteness!!! Happy Birthday, Apollo!” “This is the cutest thing ever.” “Happy birthday, sweet Apollo! He looks just like you!” “Has vocals like his mama.”


Two weeks before Gwen shared this birthday video, she shared a throwback to her and Blake’s 2021 wedding. In the sweet video, Gwen, Blake, 45, and Apollo are all at the reception. Blake and Gwen pull her son in, and they each give him a tender kiss on the cheek. The memory, right before Apollo’s birthday, seemed to fill Gwen with emotion. “The stars, the moon, my whole world,” she captioned the clip.

Earlier in the year, Apollo spent time with his father while celebrating his half-sister’s birthday. Gavin, 56, took his and fashion designer Pearl Lowe’s daughter Daisy out to dinner for her 33 rd. Gavin and Gwen’s sons – Apollo,  Kingston, 15, and Zuma, 13, — joined in the fun, attending Universal Studios together as a blended family. This relationship formed later in life, since Gavin was unaware of his paternity until 2004. Since then, Daisy has been determined to have a relationship with her father, and things are good!