Harry Styles, Emily Ratajkowski Makin’ Out Well in Tokyo!!!

3/26/2023 6:30 AM PT

Harry Styles has moved on … and Emily Ratajkowski is feelin’ the love!

Harry and Emily shared a passionate kiss with Emily Ratajkowski in Tokyo Saturday night, and they clearly didn’t care people were watching.

The 2 had just left a nightclub and the video, obtained by DailyMail, unravels the mystery of who Harry is currently dating.

They were standing outside in the rain locking lips, after a night of dancing inside the club. They clearly want people to know at this point, they’re a thing.

Harry is in Tokyo for his Love on Tour concert … we don’t know if Emily was at the show, but it’s a good bet she was.

As you know, Harry and Olivia Wilde broke up last November, and over the last month, there’s been a buzz he’s dating someone new.

Now we know!