When Jenelle Evans didn’t get invited to join the cast of Teen Mom: Family Reunion, she flipped out.

Perhaps her reaction is understandable.

After all, Jenelle and her husband David Eason have both been unemployed for several years.

These days, the family’s only visible means of support is the money that Jenelle earns from her TikTok videos.

Jenelle Evans and Her Forehead

It’s probably not a lot of cash, and the family is perpetually one admin suspension away from going broke.

Not only that, Jenelle is rapidly fading into obscurity, as the memory of her time on Teen Mom 2 fades with each new season of the show.

A stint on TMFR would’ve offered Evans a much-needed boost to her public profile, as well as an opportunity to earn an actual paycheck for the first time in a very long time.

Jenelle is Sad

MTV’s reasons for not re-hiring Jenelle are numerous and very legitimate.

After David beat, shot and killed the family dog in front of their kids, Jenelle took the kids and moved out.

She then testified that Eason had abused her children repeatedly over the course of their marriage and that her sons were terrified of him.

Jenelle Won't Leave David

And then she moved back in with the guy a few weeks later and claimed that she had lied about all of it.

Add to that Jenelle’s racism and homophobia, and it’s very easy to see why no corporation in their right mind will have anything to do with her.

Jenelle was briefly mentioned during an episode of TMFR, and of course, she immediately made a video about.

Jenelle Evans Does Some Modeling

Evans is very hung up on the idea that Amber Portwood should have been fired instead of her, and she’s been voicing that opinion on a daily basis.

Amber — never one to shy away from a conflict — responded with a video of her own.

“You’re not on the show anymore,” Amber said to Jenelle.

Evans, Portwood

“Things happened, OK, fine. I totally get it. But you know you’re outta your damn mind if you think people are [obsessed with you].”

This conflict marks the first time in a long time that anyone has given a crap about what Jenelle has going on.

So it should come as no surprise that she’s making the most of it and stirring the pot at a furious pace.

Jenelle Evans Likes Beer

“Amber, I’m not even in the mood to address your stupid bulls**t but here we go,” Evans said in her latest Instagram Story, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“First of all, I’m gonna speak on what I want to because, when it comes to you, I don’t find it quite fair that I was let go from MTV for no reason.”

Jenelle went on to recall the events of Amber’s domestic violence arrest, which, to be fair, are pretty appalling.

Jenelle Loves Beer

“Yet you had a machete and a whole incident, still have trouble seeing your kid, but then you want to sit here and say how bad I am,” Jenelle said.

“I understand your feelings— and everybody else’s feelings towards me…well, I understand you guys hate me. I don’t understand why. I don’t understand what I did to you.

“You were completely fine with us, and now all of a sudden you hate me?” 

Jenelle Is Down With the Sickness

Jenelle and Amber have been feuding for years, so there’s really nothing “sudden” about the feud, but we know better than to expect Jenelle to tell the truth.

“Now, if you want to squash the drama, squash the bulls–t, we can,” Evans prattled on.

“But…is it unfair that I was let go and you weren’t? Yes. And I think everyone can see that. And it’s still not fair.”

Jenelle Is Drinking

Not only does Jenelle still harbor a toddler’s obsession with the idea that life should be “fair” at all times, she’s also convinced that she’s living out an inspirational redemption story — despite all the aforementioned dog-killing, racism, and child abuse.

“Everyone deserves to see my redemption story!” Jenelle said angrily.

“Everyone deserves to see where I’m at today, and how much of a greater person I am. And how I’m being.

Jenelle Evans Drinks a White Claw

“But you get that choice, even though you’re still a bitch!” Evans frothed.

At that point, she stopped begging to get back on TV long enough to insist that she’s not begging to get back on TV.

“And am I sitting here begging to be back on TV? No, I’m not beggin’! Because, actually, it was a little bit of a traumatic experience for me for 10 years,” Evans said.

Jenelle Talks Drugs

“But, you know, when they play old [seasons on] Netflix shows and then everyone still thinks I’m the same way, that is what pisses me off.”

Jenelle went on to insist that everyone in her inner circle is getting along splendidly — as though that has anything to do with why she got fired.

“So, yeah, it would be nice if I can show where I’m at today, and how my mom and David get along, and how Nathan [Griffith] and David get along, and how everything’s been so great!” she ranted.

Jenelle Has a Podcast

“But they don’t want to show greatness!”

Now, Jenelle and David only have custody of 60 percent of their kids — and they had to go to court to earn that — so we’re not sure “greatness” is the word to describe the current state of her life.

Don’t get us wrong — narcissistic nutjobs make for good reality TV, but why would anyone pay Jenelle for this sort of content when she’s on social media giving it away for free?