Joy Behar took a nasty  spill while kicking off ‘The View,’ but she quickly joked about a lawsuit in the aftermath.

Those steps are tough! Joy Behar, 79, had a rough start to The View on Thursday March 3. The comedian had a quick fall at the start of the show, while getting to her chair. She slipped and fell right to the floor, while her co-hosts and a producer ran over to make sure she was okay. Sara Haines, Sunny Hostinand Whoopi Goldberg crowded around to help her get up, and a producer ran on-set to make sure she was okay!

Joy Behar suffered a fall during the opening moments of #TheView today.

“25 years, that has never happened to me. Who do I sue?!”

— Dave Quinn (@NineDaves) March 3, 2022

After Joy got up, the ladies laughed and the in-studio audience applauded that she was okay. After she went “flying,” Joy mentioned that it was a first during her entire tenure on The View. “25 years, that has never happened to me! Who do I sue?” she joked, while she settled herself.

Before Joy made her crack about filing a lawsuit, Whoopi explained that the rotating chairs are super sensitive. “These chairs move! You touch it, and you’re on the ground!” she said, and later joked about needing a little liquid courage to climb into the high chairs. “We can’t even say, ‘You can’t have another glass of wine!’ It takes a glass of wine to get in the chair.”

After the commercial break, the ladies joked to “clear up” that Sara didn’t trip Joy. “I didn’t push her. I didn’t touch her,” Sara said. Joy also quipped about the moment getting traction online, and mentioned that one of The View’s regular guest co-hosts texted to make sure she was alright. “I’m getting all these messages from people saying that’s a viral moment! You’ll be on Page Six. Ana Navarro: ‘Mamacita, are you okay?’” Joy laughed.

Joy mentioned that she’s used to taking a spill every now and then, but put the blame on their swiveling seats. “I fall all the time! I’m a klutz, but this chair was like The Exorcist,” she quipped, and Whoopi hopped in to let everyone know how they all feel about the seats they sit in everyday. “For the record, we hate these chairs,” she said. While they mostly laughed, Joy did get serious for a minute and referenced the recent death of Bob Saget, who died after hitting his head, and she mentioned it’s important to get it checked out if you hit your head and don’t feel okay.

Joy Behar made plenty of jokes after her fall on ‘The View.’ (ABC)

The women also got into how easy it is to fall in the seats, with Sara mentioning that climbing into them while wearing high heels is no easy feat! Whoopi also gave a comedic demonstration, and said that seats swivel no matter who you are. “You might have a skinny behind. You might have a behind that has a little more meat on it. You’re going to sit, and you see, it’s moving,” she said.

Joy made a joke about wanting to have a larger backside to make getting in the chairs easier. “I’m going to make a resolution: I’m going to make my behind even bigger,” she said, and Whoopi hopped in with a joke that she’d be prepared for next time. “You want a little cushion next time you go down!” Whoopi said.