Alice Marie Johnson Kanye Says Trump Credits Him for Her Freedom … But Alice Says It Was Kim

11/29/2022 1:00 AM PT

Kanye West says Donald Trump credits him with freeing former federal prisoner Alice Marie Johnsonbut Alice doesn’t see it that way.

Alice tells TMZ … she’s convinced she’d still be behind bars if it weren’t for Kim Kardashian lobbying the White House on her behalf. That’s not to say Kanye deserves no credit, but Alice is steadfast … Kim was her angel.


Alice says Kim leveraged her relationship with longtime friend Ivanka Trump to strategically make a case for Alice’s freedom. Kim knew Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, carried unique power and influence, and spent hours on the phone and in person with Jared, making her case.

Once Jared was on board, Kim was more than game to meet Trump in the Oval Office to lobby for Alice’s release. What’s more, Kim knew she’d be criticized by lots of her friends and fans for interacting with Trump, but she believed in Alice and did so anyway.

It worked … just days after that meeting, Trump announced he would commute Alice’s sentence. Short story — Alice would probably be behind bars were it not for Kim.

Alice was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 1997 on drug conspiracy and money laundering charges — her first offense.

Alice says Ye could have very well influenced Trump’s decision… but Kanye and Alice did not speak while she was incarcerated — she only spoke with Kim. She says Kanye was on her side, and when they met shortly after her release he was in tears.


BTW … Alice isn’t the only one who thinks Kim was instrumental in her release … back in 2018, Trump gave Kim K all the credit.