Kanye West Storms Out of Interview … After Pushback On Antisemitism

11/28/2022 6:33 PM PT


Kanye West stormed off from a podcast interview after the host challenged his negative views on Jewish people … and it’s all on video.

Ye went on Tim Pool‘s podcast Monday, where he was joined by radical right-wing extremist Milo Yiannopoulos and controversial and proud white nationalist Nick Fuentes … and it didn’t take long for the conversation to get uncomfortable.

Kanye starts railing on the Jews and after a few minutes of ranting, Tim starts to push back in the slightest way … and that’s all it takes for Ye to hop out of his chair and bolt for the exit.

Later on during the podcast, a producer says Ye, Milo and Nick all left together in a car … claiming Ye told producers he wasn’t angry with Tim, but his issue was getting cut off.

As we’ve reported … Kanye’s been hanging with Milo and Nick a lot recently, and he keeps doubling down on his antisemitic remarks.