Kim Kardashian Wins Defamation Portion of Case Against Blac Chyna

4/29/2022 1:57 PM PT

Blac Chyna‘s jury is still deliberating whether the Kardashians are on the hook for tanking her reality show, but Kim Kardashian has already scored a major victory.

The judge just tossed out Chyna’s defamation claim against Kim, ruling KK made no defamatory statements against Rob‘s ex.

Chyna’s lawyer argued even if Kim didn’t directly make false statements against Chyna, she essentially co-signed slanderous and libelous statements allegedly made by other members of the Kardashian fam.

Well, the judge begged to differ, saying there was ZERO evidence Kim took a “responsible part” in the various statements that have become the centerpiece of Chyna’s case.

Translation — Chyna’s lawyer tried to sell a theory that Kim somehow winked or otherwise gave credence to statements made about Chyna’s predilection for violence toward Rob. Chyna’s lawyers also argued Kim was a co-signer on others who allegedly trash-talked Chyna to E! execs.

That all said, there’s plenty for the jury to still consider. There are other defamation claims against various members of the Kardashian klan, as well as a claim they intentionally derailed her reality show.

Chyna was asking for $40 million for that claim.

The jury continues to deliberate.