Leslie Odom Jr. Mentions Ukraine at SAG Awards

2/27/2022 5:25 PM PT


Ukraine got a mention during the SAG Awards this weekend — but it was somewhat brief and fleeting … as Hollywood seemed determined to keep things light for the show.

The crisis was quickly addressed Sunday during the opening few minutes, with presenter Leslie Odom Jr. saying they were all hoping for peace in Ukraine, before the categories got underway.

LOJ was part of the first group to come up and talk on stage — he was up there with Lin-Manuel Miranda and Daveed Diggs … none of whom talked Ukraine in the initial moments.

It’s time! Tune in to @tntdrama now for the #sagawards

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Eventually, after playing a quick montage of standout acting moments from the past year … the camera panned back to Odom Jr., who said what he said — which amounted to a few seconds of screen time.

Many suspect Ukraine would be a big topic of the night … but so far, as the ceremony gets rolling, it doesn’t seem too many of the hosts and winners are going out of their way to talk about it much.

There’s still time, though … perhaps someone will make a stirring statement later in the broadcat.