Mama June’s Ex-BF Geno Drops 70 Pounds in Rehab!!!

2/28/2022 12:40 AM PT

Mama June‘s ex, Geno Doak, seems to be turning his life around, and taking a lot of weight off his shoulders, literally … cause he’s lost around 70 pounds!!!

Geno tells TMZ … when he and June split up last August he was around 285 lbs. Fast forward 6 months, and he’s down to a much slimmer 215 lbs., and he’s crediting his time in rehab for the healthy turnaround.

Geno says the treatment facility he’s in has helped him stay on track with getting fit. He tells us the folks there prepare his meals, which also keeps him on a better eating schedule.

As far as eating out and snacking at night, Geno says that’s a thing of the past. He says he now eats a lot healthier, cutting out foods like pasta and bread. Instead, he’s eating a lot more tuna and chicken.

He’s also trying to work out more, but says eating better was the biggest reason for his amazing results.

As we first told you … Geno checked into rehab last September, after he tried to take his own life by chasing 90 blood pressure pills with lots of booze. After the incident, Mama June actually recommended a rehab center in South Carolina.

It’s nice to see Geno turning things around. Since starting treatment, he says he has learned a lot about himself … and clearly, he’s also making changes for the better.