Antonio Brown Drives Pricey Ferrari Into Curb … Maybe Lose The Mask?!?

3/4/2022 8:23 AM PT


Antonio Brown might want to reconsider the dark black mask he’s been wearing around lately … because it might have just cost him some paint on his pricey Ferrari.

The NFL star was leaving Craig’s in Los Angeles on Thursday night … when he decided to drive away in his fancy sports car in a mask that could not have been easy to see through.

Turns out, the choice of headwear was a pretty poor decision … because you can see in video of his exit, after he flipped off photogs, he struggled to steer the Ferrari, and ended up driving it straight into a curb.

Footage shows the bottom of Brown’s car nicked the cement — and it was so apparent, one bystander actually yelled at the former Tampa Bay Buccaneer to stop going forward.

“Your car!” a woman can be heard screaming. “Sweetheart!”

Brown eventually got the Ferrari going the right way — but check out the clip, it’s clear he was having trouble moving the ride around while in his mask.

As for a potential bill for the ride’s bumper — it certainly won’t be cheap if it is indeed damaged — the Ferrari 488 he was cruising around in can cost over $330,000!!!

Yeah, maybe opt for a baseball cap next time?