‘Million Dollar Wheels’ Star Luxury Car Pecking Order for Celebs … Kim K Over Tom Holland (Hypothetically)!!!

2/28/2022 1:46 PM PT


“Million Dollar Wheels” star RD Whittington makes tough decisions when celebs are vying for the same car … and, apologies to Spider-Man, but Kim Kardashian might get first dibs.

RD’s the guy who hooks up celebs — like Kim, Jamie Foxx, Travis Barker, Ye and Tom Holland — when they want a rare or luxury ride, and he was hit with a doozy of a hypothetical when he joined us Monday on “TMZ Live.”

So, suppose Kim K and Holland — who, BTW, are both featured on his new Discovery+ show — want the same car, and there’s only one available. Well, hypothetically, RD didn’t even break a sweat, and quickly explained why — in that case, specifically — he’d give Kim the nod.

Of course, if Tom were buying the car as a gift for his GF, Zendaya, well … that would throw a wrench in RD’s plans, but he still had a solution.

“Million Dollar Wheels” shows RD wheeling and dealing with, and for, famous clients — a job that’s gotten way more challenging because now there’s a lot more demand than supply.

As we’ve shown you, tons of celebs are tricking out cars these days — Kanye West got a $400k custom minivan from RD — but after 20 years as a luxury car broker, RD says Jamie is the celeb with the best feel for custom whips.

And, if you’re one of those folks hoping to buy a LaFerrari, check out the clip … you might have to settle for RD’s flashy jacket.