Hurricane Ian Here’s a Tip … Real Reporters Use Condoms!!!

9/28/2022 4:00 PM PT

Whoever said “necessity is the mother of invention” probably wasn’t thinking about TV reporters putting condoms up to their mouths in the middle of a hurricane … but, yeah, that’s a thing now!

NBC’s Kyla Galer is practicing safe reporting down in Florida as Hurricane Ian roars across the state — proudly, and gently we’re sure, rolling out latex protection for her microphones while out in the field.

As Kyla’s pointing out to curious viewers … “It is what you think it is. It’s a condom. We can’t get these mics wet … so, we gotta do what we gotta do.”

Translation: No glove, no love live shots from this reporter!

Just to wrap this up … Kyla’s getting pounded in the Naples area, just south of where Ian’s eye came onshore Wednesday. She, and tons of other TV reporters, are out in the elements getting whipped by heavy wind and rain — but a little prophylactic preparation goes a long way.

Condoms. They’re not just for banging.