After weeks of rising tensions, a dangerous, long-simmering conflict boiled over last night, and now, the whole world is praying for a peaceful resolution.

Unfortunately, the outcome depends on the whims of a madman who has repeatedly demonstrated that he’ll stop at nothing to feed his massive ego and crush anyone who opposes him.

But seriously, folks — while our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine, we’re talking about Kanye here, not Putin.

They’re kindred spirits, perhaps, but thankfully, the only weapons Yeezy can currently access are Instagram comments and diss tracks. 

Ye at a Fight

As you’re probably aware, Ye has been acting even crazier than usual in recent weeks, which is really saying something.

The catalyst for his ramped-up insanity has been the relationship between Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian.

West has threatened Pete and stalked Kim, and for the most part, they’ve both taken the high road and ignored him.

Kimye Throwback Pic

When Kim texted Kanye and asked him to ease up before somebody gets hurt, he made a joke of the situation by posting a screenshot of their conversation to Instagram.

Very mature stuff, Ye!

Throughout most of this conflict, Pete has steered clear of social media entirely.

Davidson, West

He deleted his Instagram account for mental health reasons several years ago, but now he’s back on the ‘Gram and throwing very mild shade at his mega-famous rival.

Interestingly, Pete hasn’t posted anything yet, but his bio features a link to a YouTube clip from the 1986 Martin Scorsese-Robert DeNiro classic The King of Comedy.

“Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime,” DeNiro exclaims in the scene.

Kanye West Spins Conspiracy Theories

Not suprisingly, this is being widely interpreted as a shot at Kanye. 

“Stand tall Pete, we’ve always loved YOU!!! Much support and [sic] loven the shade…. And reflection in the shades as well! Go Pete Go!!!” one fan commented on the clip, according to Page Six.

“Pete coming in with hella shade and I am here for it. Slay King,” another added.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian Together

“Well said Pete. You are handling this situation as a man with class which is more than I can say for Ye. So glad Kim has found someone who treats her well and who she can be herself around,” a third chimed in.

The entire comments section on the video is flooded with support for Pete, no doubt much to Kanye’s chagrin.

“Damnnnnnn, shots fired! Nice job being super classy about this, Pete. Kanye is a fool,” one person remarked.

Pete Davidson Addresses a Hot Topic

“Agreed Pete – ya a f–ken legend mate,” another offered.

You get the point.

Now, obviously, it’s possible that Pete just likes that movie, and as a comedian, he may find the scene relatable for reasons that have nothing to do with Kanye.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

But we don’t think that’s the case.

For starters, West started following Davidson almost immediately after he re-launched his account, so Pete probably knew that Kanye would see the link and interpret it as shade.

(At this point, Kanye is so deeply paranoid that he probably interprets just about everything as an insult.)

Kanye West Puts on a Smile

On top of that, The King of Comedy has experienced a resurgence in popularity lately as an inspiration for the 2019 Joaquin Phoenix film Joker.

So the clip could be Pete’s way of suggesting that Kanye is Joker-caliber crazy.

Or, he might be suggesting that not all lanky comedians are as harmless as they appear.

Pete Davidson Smokes Weed

Either way, you can go ahead and consider this “shots fired.”

Here’s hoping the conflict doesn’t escalate much further.