Ray Liotta Facebook Account Hacked … Team Trying to Wrestle Back Control

3/26/2023 12:50 AM PT

Ray Liotta‘s Facebook account is no longer posting celeb death hoaxes and sending out weird links to fake news … at least that’s what his team’s hoping, but seems like the mystery hacker isn’t giving up that easily.

Here’s the deal … the late actor’s Facebook account started posting a ton of strange things last week, like death hoaxes, news links and fake stories about Ellen DeGeneres, Bruce Willis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger — all of which confused and alarmed fans who followed the late “Goodfellas” star.

Late this week, a rep for Ray’s team told TMZ they’d finally resolved the issue by reaching out to Facebook and working with them to address the problem.

Or, so they thought. Shortly after we were told the account was secured … another bizarre post — for Ray’s page, at least — went up promoting a porn scene. It has since been removed.

We’ve reached out regarding the porn post, but no word back yet.

I wish the guy who took over Ray Liotta’s Facebook page either remove himself OR dissociate Ray Liotta out of it and rename it to something else. These posts do so much disservice to his memory. Because it is filled with so much junk and nonsense. Ray himself would dislike these!

— plain.AI.me (@plain_AI_me) March 23, 2023 @plain_AI_me

While his team told us they believed the account was back in good hands … that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The troubling part is it seems a mystery as to who’s been hacking his page and how these posts keep ending up on his feed. All the old phony posts have been deleted, but it’s clear someone is still using his account with ill intentions.

Despite the scary security breach, Ray’s camp says Mark Zuckerberg‘s company has been “an amazing partner in resolving the issue.”

As you know, Ray died in his sleep last May, when the 67-year-old was filming a movie in the Dominican Republic.

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While he’s now resting in peace … his Facebook account is not.