Rob Manfred MLB Will Cancel Games … After Failed CBA Talks

3/1/2022 2:33 PM PT

3:16 PM PT — The Major League Baseball Players Association said Tuesday it’s “disgusted” by Manfred’s decision to cancel games.

The MLBPA went on to say it believes Manfred and league owners are trying to “break our Player fraternity.”

“As in the past,” the MLBPA added, “this effort will fail. We are united and committed to negotiating a fair deal that will improve the sport for Players, fans and everyone who loves our game.”

The Major League Baseball season will not be 162 games long this year … commissioner Rob Manfred is now canceling contests after the league and its players failed to ratify a new collective bargaining agreement.

Manfred made the announcement on Tuesday afternoon following days of negotiation talks in Florida … telling reporters, “I am going to cancel some regular-season games.”

“We worked hard to avoid an outcome that’s bad for our fans, bad for our players, and bad for our clubs,” Manfred said.

Rob Manfred officially announces that he’ll cancel regular season MLB games

“The most unfortunate thing is the agreement we’ve offered to our players, offered huge benefits for our fans and for our players.”

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The MLB commish said he will cancel the first two series of the season … and insinuated there could be far more cancellations if the two sides don’t strike a deal soon.

Manfred said both the league and its players worked tirelessly over the last week to try to get a deal done in order to avoid this outcome … and he said the MLB provided a proposal that he believed was more than fair.

“The unfortunate thing,” he said, “maybe the most unfortunate thing is that agreement, the one we’ve offered to our players, offered huge benefits for our fans and for our players.”

Rob Manfred asked why he is canceling games and not delaying games to be rescheduled.

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No word on where talks go from here and when the parties will sit at a table again … but if the negotiations stall again — Big League action could be paused indefinitely.

Rough day for baseball fans everywhere.

Originally Published — 2:33 PM PT