For years, Kim Kardashian has gone to great lengths to protect her kids.

That means shielding them from their father’s antics and insulating them from her hyper-visible fame. Up to a point.

The fact of the matter is that, wherever they go, photographers will hound this family.

7-year-old Saint West has clearly had his fill. He flipped the bird to some paparazzi who got in his face.

In July of 2023, Kim Kardashian attended a sports game with son Saint West. She shared this cute selfie to Instagram. (Instagram)

For a decade and a half, Kim Kardashian has known that almost everywhere that she goes, photographers and fans will get as intrusive as they can.

Of course, in the time since Kim rose to fame, she has had four children: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

Her kids have grown up in this world of hyper-visibility. And they never signed up for it. Also? As kids, coping with it can be a little trickier sometimes. They don’t have an adult’s perspective.

Kim Kardashian has quite a look on her face in this Season 4 scene, huh? (Hulu)

So, on Friday, Kim and 7-year-old son Saint were walking towards a restaurant, Islands. It’s a burger joint with many locations.

They weren’t alone. They had some friends with them, along with a number of Kim’s security team.

And, as always, the paparazzi were there to snap their photos — all but ambushing them in the parking lot to snap pics from mere feet away.

“I’m actually never free,” Kim Kardashian captioned this photo in mid-August 2023. “I make time.” (Instagram)

Saint chose to express exactly how he (very reasonably) feels about the constant monitoring.

As TMZ reports, the 7-year-old threw up his middle finger at the paparazzo.

Most 7-year-olds reserve that particular rude signage to vent their fury at a toxic parent or a school rival, if they use it at all. Saint’s public display is, frankly, hilarious.

Kim Kardashian felt shocked at the revelation of new family drama during Season 3. Wait, really? Drama helped build their family to where they are. (Hulu)

Similarly, Kim’s response is deeply momcore.

She tries to muzzle Saint, reminding him that he doesn’t need to engage with photographers.

Saint isn’t exactly experienced in what gives photos value. The days when photos with a middle finger were entirely useless are long gone, because we’re not talking about supermarket checkout line covers anymore.

Kim Kardashian speaks to the confessional camera on The Kardashians Season 3, Episode 9. (Hulu)

Some fans think that Kim was genuinely unhappy with Saint.

But frankly? That’s not the vibe that we’re getting at all.

Saint’s reaction was age-appropriate. (Heck, I’ve seen kids who pick up that type of “sign language” from their parents at much younger ages) And it was also fairly appropriate for the situation.

Believe it or not, Kim Kardashian and her relatives read and discuss what people say about them. Sometimes it’s smart, and sometimes it’s super unhealthy. (Hulu)

Kim is a public figure. She absolutely signed up for constant photography. There are also situations in which anyone might reasonably appear on video (recording police at a traffic stock is frankly a civic duty in many cases).

But even with someone as mega-famous as Kim (someone who deliberately became famous, no less), there should be some limits, right?

And Saint is a 7-year-old child.

In this screenshot from The Kardashians Season 3, Episode 9, Kim Kardashian looks through an array of clothes. From the blandness of the color palette, you can already guess that they are Yeezy brand. (Hulu)

Our nation fails so many children in countless ways.

Maybe the US could set limits on photographing kids in public? Even if it just hinders the sale of pics taken within a certain distance.

That could benefit much more than just celebrity kids.