Sean McVay Jet Ski Joyridin’ … On Shirtless Yacht Vacay

3/2/2022 12:45 PM PT

Whaddaya do when you win the Super Bowl??

You get all your friends together on a yacht and head to Cabo, of course!!

L.A. Rams head coach Sean McVay did just that this week — boarding a $15k-a-night boat and having the time of his life … and TMZ Sports has the pics.

36-year-old McVay, his fiancée, Veronika Khomyn, and their closest friends made the trip down to Mexico and partied it up on a 75-foot Sunseeker called Sea La Vie.

McVay quickly ditched his shirt for the occasion … showing off his impressive build as he soaked in the rays before riding around on a jet ski.

Sean has a lot to celebrate — he is fresh off leading the Rams to a Super Bowl win over Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals … becoming the youngest head coach to win it all.

On top of that, pretty much every major network wants him to leave his coaching gig to start a career in the broadcast booth … reportedly being offered insane checks in the process.

But, McVay has promised to run it back with Aaron Donald and Co. in 2022 … so for now, it’s time to soak in that SB LVI dub before starting it all over again next season.