‘Selling Sunset’ Real Estate Office Overrun By Fans … Trying to Get Glimpse Inside

5/27/2022 12:50 AM PT


“Selling Sunset” fans keep showing up at The Oppenheim Group real estate office, peering in the tinted windows and taking pics out front … so much so, agents now have signs on the door.

The makeshift signs are politely asking fans … “PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE GLASS” … but folks just don’t seem to care, because we got video of several groups putting their faces right on the windows, trying to catch a glimpse.

As you can see, most tourists just try to sneak a quick peek then run off to giggle with their friends, or make their boyfriends snap a bunch of pics for the gram … but watch what happens to the one guy who was bold, or stupid, enough to try opening the door.


Sorry folks, it appears the best bet to see Chrishell, Christine, Mary, Heather, Amanza, Maya, and Davina and the Oppenheim bros in action is to be a legit real estate client.


Or you can always Netflix and chill.