Ukraine’s Zelensky Rousing Speech to European Parliament … Amid Russian Bombing

3/1/2022 6:52 AM PT


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had fellow European leaders on their feet after pleading for entry into the EU … this after a devastating attack on the country’s second-largest city.

Zelensky beamed in to address the European Parliament Tuesday, where he spent about 3 minutes addressing what he and his people are currently fighting for — namely, freedom and sovereignty from Russia, whose forces unleashed a missile attack on an area called Freedom Square in Kharkiv … destroying a building and killing at least 10.

Ukraine accused Russia of terrorism and war crimes as a result, and the destruction was top of mind for Zelensky Tuesday during his speech — one that drew applause (and perhaps even tears) from representatives of several neighboring countries, who listened attentively.

Ukraine NOW/Telegram

Of the many memorable lines he said, Zelensky’s mention of the price of freedom Ukraine was paying to preserve its borders was one he was happily willing to pay — even as the situation becomes more dire by the day, and Russia’s military closes in.

And yet, Zelensky said he’d fight to the death, if necessary, to make sure Ukraine is maintained … this while also reasserting his request to be allowed entry into the EU as quickly as possible — so that Ukraine can receive even more help, including on-the-ground reinforcements if necessary.

He also said that every square in Ukraine would be known as Freedom Square in the wake of Tuesday’s attack — finally issuing one final plea to ask the EU to stand with them beyond what they’re already doing … again, by granting them a membership to the EU ASAP.

When he wrapped … the entire room gave him a standing O and a huge round of applause. Zelensky even had the CNN translator weeping during multiple sections of his remarks.