Ukrainian Invasion Father Sobs As he Sends His Daughter Away … In Heartbreaking Video

2/25/2022 7:00 AM PT


A Ukrainian father broke down in tears as he gave his daughter a final goodbye as she fled to safety … and the video drives home the heartbreak of the brutal Russian invasion.

The Ukrainian father is inconsolable as his daughter cries during their final embrace … as the young girl and a woman board a bus for safety.

The dad tells his daughter he loves her as he sobs and gently places a hat on his daughter’s head.

It’s difficult but important to watch because it drives home the tragedy of Putin‘s aggression.  As he leaves his daughter — perhaps not know when or even if he’ll see her again — he asks for her hand. As she leaves, he gazes in agony.

This scene is likely being played out with many other Ukrainian families .. ripped apart as they flee for safety or fight for freedom.

One of the reasons families are splitting up … the Ukrainian government is requiring men between 18 and 60 to stay in the country … presumably to resist the invasion.

The cost of war … driven home by a simple video.