Ukrainian Soldiers Defiant Last Words To Russian Warship … ‘Go F*** Yourself!!!’

2/25/2022 6:47 AM PT

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

A group of Ukrainian border guards’ final words are now preserved on audio — as they faced death from Russian sailors … they simply told the Russians to f*** off.

According to an audio recording, 13 Ukrainian soldiers who were killed Thursday while defending Zmiinyi — or Snake Island — gave a powerful final message as the Russian aggressors on a warship threatened to open fire.

The Russians got on a loudspeaker and demanded the Ukrainians surrender or else. In the tense moments that followed you can hear the Ukrainian guards discussing how they should respond.

One of the guards said, “Should I tell them to go f*** themselves?” … and then uttered it over the radio. The Russians followed through and bombed the location killing all the soldiers stationed there.

Snake Island is located off the country’s southeastern shoreline, and had been approached by 2 Russian vessels after President Vladimir Putin launched the invasion.

Russia ended up assaulting the 42-acre island from the warship, and also deployed an air attack. Ukraine is reporting nearly 150 deaths and more than 300 injured after the first day of war.