More pictures and videos are coming out of Ukraine.  More recent videos show missiles flying over Ukraine and Ukraine responding with anti-aircraft missiles. 

Videos of missiles flying over the Ukraine skies are being shared on social media.

One video shows missiles over Ukraine taken from inside a home.

A cruise missile from #Russia passes over a house on the border on its way to #Ukraine.

— AEROSINT Division PSF (@PSFAERO) February 24, 2022

TRENDING: BREAKING: Ukraine Shuts Down Its Airspace – Putin Declares Start of Military Operation against Ukraine — VIDEO

Here’s another reported footage of a Russian missile launch.

Footage being circulated of a Russian missile launch against #Ukraine.

— Joe Truzman (@JoeTruzman) February 24, 2022

The aerodrome in Kharkiv Ukraine was reportedly hit by a Russian missile.

The aerodrome in Kharkiv Ukraine says was hit by a Russian missile after Putin announced the special military operation in Ukraine

— Alec Luhn (@ASLuhn) February 24, 2022

Another video is reportedly taken from the outside near the conflict as the individuals reporting are speaking English about what is happening (warning language).

#BREAKING: Video of an cruise missile flying in Ukraine#Russia #Ukraine #CruiseMissile

— WORLD WAR 3 – RUSSIA vs Ukraine #2022 (@WW32022) February 24, 2022

In addition, Ukraine is reportedly releasing anti-aircraft missiles into the night skies.

Ucrania Ukraine launching anti aircraft missiles into the night #Ukraina #UkraineRussiaCrisis #worldwar3 Putin

— Pawan Shukla (@PawanSh10237254) February 24, 2022

Here is another video of anti-aircraft missiles in Ukraine.

Putin announces Russian military operation in Ukraine with explosions heard in Kyiv and other parts of the country.

— Ranjana Trivedi🇮🇳 (@ranju_didwania) February 24, 2022

President Zelinsky in Ukraine is telling his people that he has spoken to Biden and he urges people to stay inside.

Zelensky introduced martial law in Ukraine.

— REALIST (@realistqx1) February 24, 2022