Former professional basketball star Royce White announces he is running for Congress against Ilhan Omar.  

Royce made the announcement on The War Room where he is a frequent guest on Tuesday.

Former professional basketball star Royce White is running for Congress in Minnesota against Democrat Ilhan Omar.  White announced he was running today at Info Wars with Alex Jones.

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White shares on his campaign website:

“Congressional District 5,

My name is Royce White. I’m a father and a patriot ready to fight for The Free People of America. I was born and raised in a working class family here in the Twin Cities. Currently I am a pro athlete in both basketball and mixed martial arts. Early in my career as a professional athlete I fought against the NBA to create a mental health policy when there wasn’t one. I paid the price with my career. I said no to the money so I could keep my integrity. I never sold out. Our community finds itself at the center of a culture war, amongst many other forms of warfare. Spiritual, Psychological, Economic, etc. Like many communities in crisis across our country, we need leaders who will not sellout. I’m going to represent the people of our district in a bigger fight for our citizenship.

Right now we face an enemy that intends to bastardize our citizenship through an idea called globalism. We must begin to understand how the global effects the local and take a stand for God, Family and Country. I have fought against the corporate community responsible for this globalist agenda.

Today White made the announcement on InfoWars with Alex Jones:

This guy is really switched on.  Listen to what he has to say.