Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s hateful rhetoric isn’t a joke. She wants to start a war, says podcaster Danielle Moodie on the latest episode of The New Abnormal podcast.

Moodie, who joined as guest co-host of the show alongside host Andy Levy, tore into the Georgia Republican after listening to a recent clip of Greene making Democrats out to be child predators. According to Moodie, the left and the media have been grossly underestimating the congresswoman’s propensity for violence.

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“Ever since Marjorie Taylor Greene entered into Congress, she’s been looked at primarily as a joke, right? We have said she’s the QAnon queen. She is the conspiracy theorist’s conspiracy theorist. Like she is absolutely crazy. She has said things about Jewish people operating lasers from outer space. But what I want folks to take away from that rant that she went on is that Marjorie Taylor Greene is not representative of the fringe of the Republican Party. She is the mainstream of the Republican Party,” Moodie says during the episode’s opening brief.

“And when she is referring to Democrats as predators,” continues Moodie, “when she is saying that we are going after children, talking about mutilation and all of these things, what she is signaling to the Republican Party, to her base, is that we are at war.”

Andy agrees, saying that he’s been telling everyone for a while now that Greene isn’t a joke.

“Now anyone that thinks Mitt Romney is a better representation of the Republican Party right now than Marjorie Taylor Greene is nuts. This is her party, the party that Trump made over, that she is part and parcel of. This stuff has to be taken seriously at the highest levels,” he adds.

Moodie then makes a pointed plea to Democrats to shut down these dangerous GOP talking points: “You need to direct the American people to exactly who is taking away your rights. Who is making your communities more dangerous. Who is putting your children under threat.”

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Also on this episode: The Intercept investigative reporter Ken Klippenstein explains where the United States currently stands with the Trump- and Putin-friendly Saudis, who are gearing up to screw President Joe Biden over, big-time. And for good measure, Klippenstein shares all the ways we could fuck over Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman without war, if we wanted to.

Plus! Daily Beast media editor and editor of the media newsletter Confider, Andrew Kirell, joins to give Andy the inside scoop on how Fox News is handling the deranged Kayne West clips that were cut from his segment on Tucker Carlson’s show and then subsequently leaked.

Kirell thinks he has an idea of who the leaker could be, and he and Andy talk theories.

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