The Colorado Springs Police Department released the booking photos of accused gay bar Club Q mass shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich on Wednesday. The photos show the tall, heavy-set 22-year-old Aldrich with severe bruises and swelling on his face and neck from a beating by two patrons that stopped the attack after Aldrich murdered five and wounded seventeen people Saturday night with a semi-automatic rifle in just a few minutes.

This is the booking photograph of the Shooting at Club Q suspect.

— Colorado Springs Police Department (@CSPDPIO) November 23, 2022

Aldrich was hospitalized after the shooting and was released to jail on Tuesday and is being held without bond.

Aldrich appeared via jail remote on Wednesday for a preliminary court hearing looking dazed and drowsy.

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Aldrich’s attorney filed a notice with the court Tuesday night that Aldrich is binary, uses they/them pronouns and should be addressed as Mx. Aldrich.

Aldrich comes from a broken home with both parents–porn star dad, unstable mother–living troubled lives. Last year Aldrich was arrested but not prosecuted for a bomb threat against his mother. Aldrich legally changed his name as a teenager and was the target of intense online bullying.

In court documents filed in Texas, his then guardians used he/him pronouns when Aldrich was a young teenager.
“Minor wishes to protect himself + his future from any connections to birth father + his criminal history. Father has had no contact with minor for several years.”

— Edgar Sandoval 📝 (@edjsandoval) November 23, 2022

Video of Anderson Lee Aldrich last year live-streaming his standoff with police after threatening to blow up the house his mother was in. #ColoradoSprings

— Shawn Schwaller (@madprofes) November 21, 2022

Anderson Aldrich and his mother Laura Voepel in family photo taken last year.