Part of a phone call between President Donald Trump and legendary golfer John Daly was uploaded to Twitter.

The conversation was surrounding the current situation in Ukraine.

Trump confirmed that he had previously warned Putin that he would bomb Moscow if he moved into Ukraine.

Trump discussing Russia with John Daly on speaker phone is something else

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— Tim Reilly (@LifeOfTimReilly) March 4, 2022

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Trump also spoke out on his relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Trump pointed out that under him Xi did not move to take Taiwan. He predicted that under the Biden administration Xi would move to take Taiwan.

The Western Journal reported:

Trump and Daly also discussed Trump’s relations with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Trump warned that China would threaten Taiwan following Putin’s invasion, predicting that such an outcome would starve the world of technology.

“Taiwan will be next. You won’t have any computer chips. They’ll blow them off the face of the earth.”