Anthony “Tony” Santi, an off-duty firefighter in Independence, Missouri, was shot and killed at a petrol station on October 6.

The shooter has not been publicly identified, but on October 18 prosecutors in Jackson County stated she would not be charged because she had acted in self-defense.

‘The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office opted not to move forward with a requested second-degree murder charge, saying they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person acted outside Missouri law when she shot and killed 41-year-old Anthony Santi,” according to Kansas City Star, citing official documents.

Before the incident, Tony overheard Ja’Von Taylor, 23, having an argument with a female gas station worker. Because of the fireman’s interference, the two men began arguing. When their conflict could not be resolved verbally, they took it out on each other in the parking lot.

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“As the two fought, Taylor pulled out a gun, but the weapon fell during the scuffle. According to local news station FOX4KC, a woman with Taylor picked up the gun and begged the men to stop fighting,” Yahoo News reported.

Then the woman executed the firefighter in broad daylight.  The shooting was caught on video.

Ja’Von Taylor was charged with one count of a felon in possession of a firearm in federal court. He was previously convicted of armed robbery in Missouri, according to Kansas City.

Watch the video below:

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A Kansas City woman has been set free of charges tonight after protecting her boyfriend in a fight with a firefighter. The young lady seconds later killed the firefighter which has now been declared as self defense. ⚠️

— KC Discover (@KcDiscover) October 19, 2022

More from Yahoo News:

A bystander recorded footage of the altercation. In the video, the woman desperately asked them both to stop as she held the firearm. Santi had Taylor pinned to the ground as the woman yelled for the firefighter to let Taylor go. “Stop sir, stop,” she frantically yelled. “Get off! My kids [are] in the car! Stop, [you’re] killing him,” she continued to scream. Witnesses say the fight may have lasted around 10 minutes. After repeatedly asking Santi to stop fighting with Taylor, the woman threatened to use the gun to shoot. Eventually, she did.

Kevin Jamison, an attorney and author of Missouri Weapons and Self-Defense Law, agrees that the woman’s actions against the firefighter were warranted. He told FOX4KC, “Technically it’s called the defense of justification and your justification is you are saving the life of another person.” He added, “The girlfriend is only constrained by what she reasonably believed to be the circumstances. If she didn’t see the start of the fight, all she knows is her boyfriend is getting strangled.”

Earlier this week, the Jackson County prosecutor’s office released a statement saying, “We grieve with the family and community over this tragic loss of life of Mr. Santi.” While the woman has been cleared in the case, Taylor could receive a weapons charge.