Aerial footage shows a MASSIVE buildup of Russian assault helicopters in Southern Belarus.

The satellite footage shows Russia preparing for a major assault.

NEW satellite images show nearly 150 attack and transport helicopters, as well as support equipment in southern Belarus, some 20 miles from the border with Ukraine and less than 100 miles from Kyiv, Ukraine. 📸: @Maxar, Feb. 25

— Christopher Miller (@ChristopherJM) February 25, 2022

Neil Hauer is reporting from Ukraine.

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UK Intelligence says Russian forces remain 50 kilometers from Kiev city center.

Main Russian forces remain 50km from Kyiv city center, UK intelligence says

— Neil Hauer (@NeilPHauer) February 25, 2022

Chechen soldiers are dispatched to Ukraine.

❗Source in Bucha (near Antonov airport, west of Kyiv) reports Chechen forces near their apartment complex. Working on getting video. (w/ @Tomthescribe)

— Neil Hauer (@NeilPHauer) February 25, 2022