Image: Twitter Screenshot @TheBelaaz

A school bus lost control Thursday morning and crashed into a nearby home and parked cars in Spring Valley, New York.

Reports suggest over a dozen children injured,  some seriously.

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Image: Twitter Screenshot @TheBelaaz

The New York Post reports:

A school bus packed with kids Thursday morning rolled down a hill and crashed into a house in a suburb north of New York City, causing serious injuries.

The wreck in Spring Valley occurred after a bus operated by the Jewish Ribnitzer schools struck two parked cars, dragging them over a hill before slamming into a home on Southgate Drive in Spring Valley, according to the Yeshiva World.

At least 21 patients — most of them presumably children — were extricated from the wreckage, with five taken to a trauma center, according to the report. Two of the patients were in serious condition.

It was unclear what set off the freakish crash, or if there was an arrest. Ramapo police were leading the investigation, according to Spring Valley authorities.

🇺🇸✡️ — SERIOUS BUS CRASH: A Jewish school bus lost control and crashed into a home and several parked cars in Spring Valley, New York. At least 17 children were injured, some seriously.

— Belaaz News (@TheBelaaz) December 1, 2022