Trump’s attorney Alina Habba was on Newsmax with Rob Schmitt to discuss what could be unsealed and then redacted from the affidavit which led to the FBI’s raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, plus whether or not surveillance footage from the raid will be released to the public. 

She shared the following:

Well, there’s three allegations right, concealment, espionage, and basically destruction.  All which don’t make sense to me knowing he was cooperating the entire time.  So, if you were concealing it you wouldn’t have allowed them in in June.  If you were destructing it, you wouldn’t have added the padlock that they asked you to add on in June or given them 15 boxes.

All of these things as you’ve seen as has been reported have this caveat that people get excited about, which is then he cannot run for President.  What they don’t understand is Presidents have different privileges.  They have executive privileges.  They have different things that have been in place since Bush.  George W. Bush put in place.  Obama used but no one talks about that because if it’s Trump, they like to bring these antiquated statutes and shove them down his throat.

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About the fired ‘FBI’ agent Peter Strzok who now seems to running for a position at CNN, Habba shared:

Peter Strzok really needs to stay in his lane.

TGP released a report on Strzok this week where we provided evidence that Strzok may not have even worked for the FBI, he may have been with the CIA.  This would be a crime to be spying on Americans in America if Strzok was with the CIA.

See this excellent interview below: