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REPLAY: Arizona Attorney General Clean Elections Debate At 5 PM MST- Trump-Endorsed/Police-Endorsed Abe Hamadeh V. Anti Police Radical Kris Mayes

The Arizona Clean Elections Commission Attorney General candidate Debate begins at 5 pm MST where Trump-Endorsed Abe Hamadeh will face radical leftist Kris Mayes.

Kris Mayes is an anti-law enforcement radical running for the State’s Chief Law Enforcement Official.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that her campaign PR consultant, Stacey Champion, hates the police and has tweeted, “We live in a country where ‘law enforcement’=killing black folks and arresting women who need to buy tampons.”

Consultant Backing Democrat Nominee For Arizona’s Top Law Enforcement Officer Really HATES Law Enforcement

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Champion and Mayes are more concerned about allowing women to kill their babies than enforcing the law.

In the candidates’ last appearance on a stage together, Kris Mayes explained some of her radical positions and vowed NOT to enforce the law as Attorney General.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Abe Hamadeh absolutely destroyed Mayes on her disrespect for Law and Order.

EXCLUSIVE: Trump-Endorsed Arizona Attorney General Nominee And Former Prosecutor Abe Hamadeh HAMMERS Woke Anti-Police Radical Kris Mayes During AG Candidate Forum (VIDEO)

Mayes later RAN from our reporter–  just like Katie Hobbs did — when confronted about her radically anti-police staffers and support for twice-convicted racist Katie Hobbs.

Hopefully, the debate moderators will be fair and put Mayes on the spot about these issues tonight.

We recently reported on the Arizona Secretary of State debate, where moderator Ted Simons attacked Trump-Endorsed Mark Finchem, accusing him of attending “a riot at the US Capitol to overturn an election.”

WATCH: Debate For Arizona Secretary Of State Between Trump-Endorsed Mark Finchem And Shady Former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes

However, Finchem continues to surge in the polls, and Abe Hamadeh leads Kris Mayes by 9 points in a recent poll conducted from 09/14/22 – 09/17/22.

Radical Left Fake News reporter Stacey “Karen” Barchenger from Arizona Republic — where Kris Mayes used to work — is moderating this debate with Ted Simons. This is totally unfair and will likely lead to a one-sided debate.

Watch the debate live:

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