The Wisconsin Supreme Court approved congressional election maps drawn by far Democrat Governor Tony Evers on Thursday.

The leftist court ruled 4-3 in favor of Evers.

WRN says the maps will take seats from Republicans.

WTMJ reported:

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A divided state supreme court approved new legislative and congressional election maps that were drawn by Governor Tony Evers. The court ruled Thursday 4-3. The maps, despite being submitted by a democrat, do still give Republicans a leg up in State Assembly and Senate races.

In a 4-3 ruling in November, judges agreed to make as few changes to the electoral maps as possible, which already heavily favored Republicans. Tony Evers plan offered the least changes to the boundary lines that were already in place and created by Republicans in 2011.

Following the ruling, Governor Evers released the following statement:

“The maps I submitted to the Court that were selected today are a vast improvement from the gerrymandered maps Wisconsin has had for the last decade and the even more gerrymandered Republicans maps that I vetoed last year. We still have a long way to go, and I will never stop fighting for nonpartisan redistricting as long as I’m the governor of this great state.”