Another election and more corrupt actions from the Democrat Party.

The current Democrat Party can’t sell its policies of open borders, letting criminals go free, anti-police, defunding police, higher taxes, giving Afghanistan to the terrorist Taliban, and massive government spending.  Since Americans don’t want this, the current leadership of the Democrat party appears to be strategically working on stealing elections, rather than selling their policies.

Yesterday’s primaries in the most populous county in Texas, Harris County where Houston resides, were riddled with corruption.  According to one TGP reader:

AOC-lite, Lina Hidalgo, appointed an Elections Administrator (rather than a duly elected Elections Clerk), Isabel Longoria, who, through incompetency and ( more likely) deliberate sabotage, has created chaos in Harris County primaries.

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Today is Election Day, and the website shows NO polling locations this morning.  The voting location PDF was changed at 4:01 THIS MORNING.  In (conservative West Houston) Katy, for example, only ONE of the previously listed voting locations remains the same – there are more now than previously, but they are not at regular precinct polling sites; therefore, most voters will show up at their precincts not knowing they cannot vote there.

In addition, PJ’s (Precinct Judges) who are working the polls have been assigned and reassigned to locations over the last few days; have had to work to find election clerks to assist (including this morning); have been given their PJ  boxes minus any ballot paper and, as noted during early voting, are being forced to allow Republican and Democrat ballots to be co-mingled in the same drop boxes after being scanned.

Real voter suppression is alive and well.

Local news outlet KHOU reported on glitches in the voting machines.

There have been some glitches on this Election Day for the nation’s first primary of 2022.

Some new voting machines went down at Harris County polling places Tuesday morning because they were apparently overwhelmed. On top of that, they said election judges are still getting used to the new equipment.

It happened at some busy sites, including the West Gray Multi-Services Center in Montrose, and the Palm Center in southeast Houston. Voters there had to wait in long lines until the issues were fixed. Some left to try their luck elsewhere.

According to individuals wanting to vote in the county, there were numerous events that prevented Republicans from voting in the state’s primaries. At one precinct Republicans could not vote.

Happening in Houston. This voting location is closed to Republicans voting in the Texas primaries today, but NOT Democrats.

— Kambree (@KamVTV) March 1, 2022