This won’t be the last time this happens.
Dirty Nevada Governor was confronted by a bitter constituent at a Las Vegas restaurant on Sunday.

Watch the same people who cheered leftist lunatics screaming at Ted Cruz or Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family, lecture the the masses on how horrible this was.

Sisolak is one of the dozens of Democrat politicians who was a staunch supporter of on mask mandates but was then caught out partying without one. He threatened families at Easter. He was caught hoarding a COVID treatment drug.

Sisolak even rejected a bill that would require ‘ballot harvesters’ to register.

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On Sunday a bitter constituent confronted Sisolak at a Las Vegas restaurant. The man asked Sisolak for a photo then told him, “I can’t tell you what a piece of f***ing sh*t you are. You new world order traitor piece of sh*t, bastard. You’re here without security? Woo-hoo. Yeah, you piece of sh*t. I’m surprised you have the balls to be out here in public!”

The incident allegedly occurred while Sisolak was dining out with his wife and one of his daughters.

Via Midnight Rider Channel.