Flashback: Twitter Exec in Hunter Biden Scandal Referred to Trump Supporters as Nazis, Attacked Middle America

Yoel Roth, one of the Twitter executives caught up in the Hunter Biden censorship scandal, previously dismissed rural Americans and called Trump administration officials “Nazis.” Roth, whose name came up in the Elon Musk/Matt Taibbi Twitter internal documents dump showing a deliberate effort to squash the bombshell Hunter Biden story, with executives deliberately working at

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Fox's MacCallum Shreds Biden's Hypocrisy Over Treatment of Apple vs. Twitter

We already know that if it weren’t for double standards, Democrats would have no standards at all. On the other hand, it’s often comical to watch them try to explain away those double standards. On Wednesday, Biden’s National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications, John Kirby, appeared on the Fox News Channel with host Martha

COVID Fanatics Melt Down Over Twitter Removing Censorship Rules

The left-wing Twitterheads have got to be exhausted because it has been one epic meltdown after another thanks to Elon Musk’s push for a transparent and free speech social media platform. Oh, the humanity! Most recently, the hyperbole-laden tweets from the left establishment have been focused on a recent change to Twitter policy regarding COVID-19.

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Biden's Disinformation Governance Board Met Months Before Mayorkas Testified That They Hadn't

Newly released documents appear to contradict testimony by Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in May that the Biden administration’s Disinformation Governance Board had not yet met. Mayorkas, appearing before the House Appropriations Subcommittee to discuss the fiscal 2023 budget for the department, testified on the creation of the board. “The goal is to bring

Former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Joins Fox News, Kicks Off With Broadside Against Censorship Collusion

Former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, a one-time Democrat candidate for President, has signed a deal as a paid contributor to Fox News. A representative for the network confirmed the deal to the Los Angeles Times Monday and indicated that Gabbard will start appearing on programs as early as next week in her new role. The former

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Elon Musk Taunts Dem Ed Markey – 'Your Account Sounds Like a Parody'

Elon Musk taunted far-left Senator Ed Markey after the Democrat complained about a verified account impersonating his own on the Twitter platform. The exchange took place after Markey posted a letter griping about the new $8 blue check service, noting that a Washington Post reporter was easily able to create a fake account in his

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Brats With Blue Checks Remind Us of Amazon, Facebook and Twitter's Genius

By John Tamny for RealClearMarkets There’s a perhaps apocryphal anecdote that’s been spreading around for years that Target, based on the buying habits of its female customers, often knows before they do if they’re pregnant. Which is wonderful. It’s a sign that Target is working feverishly to know its customers, and to have in stock

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Probe Launched Into Homeland Security’s 'Taxpayer-Funded Censorship Campaign'

By Casey Harper (The Center Square)  House Oversight Committee Republicans are kicking off an investigation into what they they called a “taxpayer-funded censorship campaign” at the Department of Homeland Security. Since 2020, the federal agency has been under fire for working with big tech companies to censor certain viewpoints mainly related to election integrity. The

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Senator Dick Durbin Thinks Free Speech Only Means Speech He Agrees With

It is quite alarming how many elected officials lack basic knowledge of our Constitution and the laws of our land. Moreover, some of these elected officials are lawyers, which is even scarier when you think about it. Case in point: Democratic Senator from Illinois Dick Durbin, who received his law degree from Georgetown University, claims

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YouTube Alternative and Free Speech Champion Rumble Refuses France's Request to Pull Russian News Sources

Like most living, breathing people on this Earth with a smartphone, I have long enjoyed access to YouTube for various content. From funny videos and political commentary to how-to videos, and upcoming movie previews, it has been this family’s go-to when a simple Google search won’t do. However, when one of my favorite YouTube channels

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