ACLU Embarrasses Itself Lambasting Americans for Living on 'Native Land'

The holiday season used to be a time of great joy and fellowship among family and friends. A time to reflect on the year, appreciate the good things, and look onward to a new year full of optimism and wonder. Now the holiday season is all about virtue signaling and hitching your wagon to the

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Moms for Liberty Rakes In School Board Wins, Sparks Liberal Outrage

The one positive that came from the awful COVID pandemic was parents’ discovery that their children were barely learning the basics and, in many cases, were being exposed to questionable material. Suddenly, school board meetings were getting prime-time news coverage, and the parental movement took off. One of the groups at the forefront of this

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Politics Are Dominating Every Aspect of Our Lives, Making Us All Insufferable Bores

The holidays this year have me feeling a certain way about family. Political divisions have torn my family apart, and traditions from when my grandparents were alive may be lost, to only live within my memories. For some of my recent articles on Thanksgiving, I had to read through a poll conducted by the New

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Michigan Parents File Lawsuit Against School District Over Sexually Explicit Books

As more and more parents are pushing back against local school boards for liberal curriculums including Critical Race Theory and extreme gender ideology, a group of parents in Michigan is taking it one step further. Parents who have children in the Dearborn Public Schools have filed a lawsuit against the district for putting sexually graphic books

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What I Learned From Thanksgivings Spent Deployed: A Veteran's Thoughts on Tolerance

It seems as though every magazine I’ve picked up in the last few weeks have at least one article dedicated to how to grit through or plain avoid spending Thanksgiving with family members. It seems strange to me, given that so many of us were forced to be apart from those we love due to

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Actor Jon Voight Urges America to 'Wake Up,' Says Trump is the 'Only' One Who Can Rebuild This Nation

Conservative actor Jon Voight posted a video to social media over the weekend urging Americans to “wake up” and recognize that Donald Trump is the “only” person who can save America. Voight’s staunch support comes as the former President has been criticized by unnamed sources within the GOP and popular conservative commentators over his supposed

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COVID School Shutdowns Caused Historic Learning Losses for Kids, Government Report Shows

By Casey Harper (The Center Square) Pandemic-era shutdowns caused historic learning loss for grade school students, according to data released Monday by the U.S. Department of Education. The Education Department released its “National Report Card,” which showed the “largest score declines” since the federal government began tracking these metrics in 1990. Math took the hardest hit, but

UPDATE: Transgender Women Must Register For the Draft But Not Transgender Men

Editor’s note: After publication, Robert Kenny, Deputy Associate Director of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs for the Selective Service System sent the following to author Kat Anderson: “I know that you acknowledged that the Biden-Harris Administration inherited the law on registration requirements for Selective Service, but some in the public are under the impression that the

'Family Friendly' Drag Show Features Adults Doing Striptease for Children, Obscene Music

If you spend any time on Twitter and are a parent, you’ve undoubtedly seen posts from the likes of conservative activist Christopher Rufo. Mr. Rufo is a fellow at the Manhattan Institute and has recently dedicated a large amount of his time to exposing the alarming acceptance of the education system, government, and our culture

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High School Students' ACT Scores At Lowest Level Since 1991

The future looks bleak for the next generation of American adults, with more bad news on the education front. New standardized testing scores show that the American education system is in a critical stage of disrepair.  While there is an overwhelming agreement that school shutdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role in American

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