Jenelle Evans: Is She Still With David Eason After Bashing Him on Teen Mom?

David Eason has always been the butt of a lot of jokes. And the man definitely deserves all of the criticism that he receives. He’s probably used to it by now, but even after several years of building up emotional callouses, the latest round of Dave-bashing must have been especially painful. After all, the calls

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Jenelle Evans Bashes David Eason: I'm Tired of Supporting His Broke, Lazy Ass!

Three years after she got fired by the network that made her famous, Jenelle Evans is officially back on MTV! Well, sort of … Jenelle will be making a cameo appearance on tonight’s episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, as she attends Briana DeJesus’ anti-Kailyn Lowry party. (The level of pettiness among the cast

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Jenelle Evans Criticized For Endangering Kids on Fourth of July, Obviously

Jenelle Evans was never exactly a candidate for Mother of the Year. After all, Evans has lost custody of all of her kids at one time or another, and her eldest son, Jace, is still raised primarily by his grandmother. Many of Jenelle’s questionable parenting decisions were captured on camera during her years on Teen…

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Jenelle Evans Claps Back at OnlyFans Critics: I'm the Best Mom EVER!

Last month, Jenelle Evans joined OnlyFans. Obviously, it’s not uncommon for reality stars (or former reality stars, as the case may be) to supplement their incomes by posting subscription-only content. But Jenelle relentlessly trash-talked other celebs who started OF accounts, so fans were a bit taken aback when she decided to go that route herself.…

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Jenelle Evans Tries on Bikinis While David Eason Poops In the Same Room In Bizarre Video

After years of unemployment, Jenelle Evans joined OnlyFans last month. Obviously, there's nothing bad or shameful about sex work, but Jenelle talked a mountain of trash about numerous other celebs who decided to supplement their incomes with OF, so it's safe to say she's reached the point of desperation. In fact, in a sure sign that…

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Jenelle Evans and David Eason: Are They Posting Actual Porn on OnlyFans?!

Warning: the information you are about to learn is very disturbing and not safe for work, home, or life in general. Proceed at your own risk. By now, most of us know that Jenelle Evans has made herself an OnlyFans profile. It was kind of funny at first because while of course there's nothing wrong…

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Jenelle Evans to Fans: Y

Earlier this month, Jenelle Evans joined OnlyFans. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but the move came as somewhat of a surprise, as Evans spent years berating and bullying other reality stars who joined the site with the goal of supplementing their income. Making the situation even more bizarre was the fact that Jenelle's husband,…

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Jenelle Evans: David Eason Has NOT Destroyed My Life! I

If you look up the words "cope" and "seethe" in the dictionary, you might find photos of Jenelle Evans and David Eason. These two haven't appeared on TV in years, and they could easily disappear and live quiet, private lives at anytime ... if they wanted to. Of course, they don't want to, as a…

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David Eason Accused of Killing ANOTHER Dog: It Wasn

Back in 2019, David Eason beat, shot and killed the family dog right in front of his horrified children. The 11-pound French bulldog named Nugget became a symbol for Jenelle Evans' critics, many of whom were quick to celebrate when the controversial reality star was fired by MTV after siding with David and helping him lie…

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