Pentagon Halts Deliveries Of Newest F-35 Fighter Jet Because They Used Parts From China

Perhaps the most controversial military weapons purchase of the last few decades has been the F-35 fighter jet. Since its acquisition, legislators and analysts have raised concerns over the high cost and apparent below-standard operating capabilities. It wasn’t that long ago that the Air Force’s Air Combat Command stood down the F-35A models over concerns

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Military Recruitment Hitting Record Lows, Raising Questions About Viability Of 'All Volunteer' Force

As if we weren’t facing enough challenges as a country, the word is starting to bubble up that the military branches are struggling to meet their recruitment targets, so much so that some units may have too few people to function. Even Tom Cruise can’t reinvigorate Americans’ desire to serve their country. Just how bad…

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Budget Blowout: New Biden Proposal Includes Massive Increases In Military, Future Pandemic Spending, Taxing The Rich

President Joe Biden’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2023 includes a few notable aspects, including huge increases in military spending, over $80 billion to prepare for future pandemics, and large tax increases on wealthy Americans. On Monday, Biden laid out a budget that would increase military spending to a whopping $813 billion. In his statement about…

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