COVID Fanatics Melt Down Over Twitter Removing Censorship Rules

The left-wing Twitterheads have got to be exhausted because it has been one epic meltdown after another thanks to Elon Musk’s push for a transparent and free speech social media platform. Oh, the humanity! Most recently, the hyperbole-laden tweets from the left establishment have been focused on a recent change to Twitter policy regarding COVID-19.

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Biden's Former ‘Disinformation Czar’ Nina Jankowicz Registers as Foreign Agent

Nina Jankowicz, a one-time Executive Director of the Biden administration’s now-defunct Disinformation Governance Board, has registered as a foreign agent. The former “disinformation czar” has filed paperwork showing she is now working on behalf of the “Centre for Information Resilience.”  The group tied to the British government alleges to be “dedicated to countering disinformation, exposing

Bush and Obama Coincidentally Holding 'Disinformation Conferences' Following Trump's Anticipated 2024 Announcement

Former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush are reportedly holding separate ‘disinformation’ conferences next week, coincidentally timed almost immediately after Donald Trump’s expected Presidential campaign announcement on Tuesday. Sources close to Trump insist that his announcement will be the launch of a 2024 presidential campaign. Bush, the following day, will host his The Struggle

Connecticut Will Pay 'Security Analyst' $150,000 To Police Election-Related Memes

The battle to determine what exactly is “misinformation” before the November midterm election is on. But the even bigger question is, who gets to decide what is or isn’t misinformation? The state of Connecticut thinks they have an answer: a “security analyst” whose job it will be to monitor and “address” online information.  Connecticut's Ministry

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MSNBC Guests Want GOP Labeled 'Domestic Terror Party,' Jail Time For Having The Wrong Opinions

We all know that Democrats and the left love to operate on the premise of “never let a good crisis go to waste.” But now, as the midterm elections are looming before them, they are working off of another cliche: make hay while the sun shines. Translation: silence your opponents before they hand you a…

Bill Barr: Joe Biden 'Lied To The American People' About Hunter's Laptop Being 'Russian Disinformation'

Former Attorney General Bill Barr says he was “shocked” and “disturbed” that Joe Biden lied to the American people about his son Hunter’s infamous laptop being ‘Russian disinformation.’ In an interview with Fox News reporter John Roberts, the AG under Trump was confronted by comments he made regarding the many scandals that erupted from the…

Former Intelligence Director Calls For Investigation Of Officials Who Falsely Claimed Hunter Biden Laptop Was 'Russian Disinformation'

Richard Grenell, former Acting Director of National Intelligence, is calling for a Senate investigation into former senior intelligence officials who signed a letter prior to the 2020 election stating the Hunter Biden laptop story was ‘Russian disinformation.’ Grenell called for hearings should Republicans win back control of the Senate in the midterm election. “A Republican…

New York Times Report Acknowledges Hunter Biden's Laptop Is Real

A New York Times report on Hunter Biden’s tax bill and the federal investigation into his business dealings confirm the existence of the President’s son’s infamous laptop. Hunter reportedly took out a loan to pay off more than $1 million in back taxes following a launch of a Justice Department inquiry into his tax affairs…

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