Polls Show Trump Increasingly Pulling Away from DeSantis to Dominate 2024 GOP Primary

Opinion By Dr. Derek Ellerman It might just be the Mother of All Battles That Never Was.  Pundits and conservatives may have been expecting a contentious and close race for the GOP nomination for President in 2024, but the way things are shaping up, that might not end up being the case.  The Politico/Morning Consult

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DeSantis Finally Fires Back at Trump, On Eve of Trump's Possible Arrest

In what could be a preview of the Republican primary for President in 2024, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis offered implicit criticism of Donald Trump by indicating his administration offers none of the “daily drama” of Trump, and suggests his conservative approach to governing puts “points on the board.” DeSantis made the comments in a sit-down

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WATCH: Trump Announces Details for His Plan to 'Shatter the Deep State' and Drain the Swamp

Presidential candidate Donald Trump announced his plan to finally ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington, D.C., and return power back to the American people by cleaning out what he calls the ‘Deep State.’ The Republican nominee surely views his inability to clean up Washington by removing career bureaucrats who eventually turned their back on America by

Donald Trump: Will He Be Arrested This Week? If So, What Will Happen Next?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in a cave on Mars these past eight years (which sounds like sounds like a pretty sweet alternative to live in these United States, tbh) then you’re probably aware that no one knows how to get the entire internet all riled up quite like Donald John Trump. The

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Who are the Dark Horse Candidates Who Could Impact the 2024 Election?

Remember the good ole days when each presidential election cycle, there would only be a handful of candidates per party? Unfortunately, those days are long behind us as it seems everyone is throwing their hat in the ring to potentially run our country. Hell, last I heard, I was a possible candidate, and I’m a

Hunter Biden Scandal Plagues President

Politics By Casey Harper (The Center Square) The Hunter Biden investigation reached a new level in recent days after lawmakers announced that millions of dollars were transferred from a Chinese energy company with much of it ending up in the hands of the Biden family and associates. Now, critics say the Hunter Biden scandal could

Mark Levin Perfectly Explains Why They're Trying to Arrest Trump

Opinion By Dr. Derek Ellerman By now, you’ve no doubt heard the latest “walls are closing in” legal drama in the left’s effort to take out President Trump. It has nothing to do with the law, or “novel interpretations” of campaign finance law. That’s just the latest excuse.  One in a long, long line of

McCarthy Warns Conservatives to Stand Down if Trump is Arrested

Opinion By Dr. Derek Ellerman While I doubt that anyone really knows what’s going to happen with the rumor about President Trump’s pending arrest, outside of perhaps Trump himself or Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, we know one thing for sure.  New House Speaker Kevin McCarthy wants Americans to stand down and not protest in

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Donald Trump Claims He Will Be Arrested Next Week In Stormy Daniels Case

View gallery Image Credit: Lev Radin/Pacific Press/Shutterstock / MediaPunch/Shutterstock Former President Donald Trump said he expected to be arrested next week in connection with the alleged hush money payment to Stormy Daniels. Trump took to his social media platform Truth Social on Saturday, March 18 and referred to himself as he wrote, “The leading Republican candidate and

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Former Gov. Chris Christie Considering Second Run For White House, Will Make a Decision Within the “Next 45 to 60 Days”

Opinion Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has gone on the record with the Washington Examiner stating that he intendeds to make a formal decision as to whether or not he will seek the GOP nomination for president in 2024 within the next few months. Christie has had an up and down media presence since

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