Classic 2014 Trump Tweet Highlights Biden's 2022 Foreign Policy Failure

One of the recent best things to happen on Twitter is the reinstatement of former President Donald Trump’s old account. Not because of any new tweets from the Tweeter-in-Chief, but because his old tweets are once again available. While on a personal level I may not be a huge fan of how the former President

Congress Trying to Ram Through $50 Billion More for Ukraine Before GOP Takes Control of the House

Lawmakers from both parties are reportedly seeking to lock in a staggering $50 billion in additional military aid for Ukraine before a new Congress is sworn in this January. The move is yet another indication that your elected senators and representatives no longer view the American people as their top priority, but rather, the government

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Biden State Department Funding Drag Queen Performances in Ecuador to Promote Diversity

The State Department has awarded a $20,600 grant to a cultural center in Ecuador that will “promote diversity” in part through the production of drag queen performances. The grant doesn’t simply provide taxpayer funds to the center that just happens to host drag performances, it specifically states the intent is to “promote diversity and inclusion.”

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After U.S. Soldiers Were Told to Go On Food Stamps, Congress Finds Another $12 Billion for Ukraine

Congressional lawmakers agreed to a deal that would provide another $12 billion in aid to Ukraine, which would bring the total military and economic resources provided to over $66 billion. The news follows the Senate passing a $40 billion aid package in May, along with a $14 billion package in March. President Biden earlier this

Here's All The Weapons Biden Sent to Ukraine, And What It Means For U.S. Security

President Biden recently announced yet another $600 million package for Ukraine, bringing the total for war materiel Ukraine has been given to $15.8 billion since President Biden took office. Of that amount, $15.1 billion has been given to Ukraine since the February Russian invasion. I have reported regularly on the unprecedented amount of weaponry and

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Dealing With Tough Times? Too Bad: Biden Is Sending Another $12 Billion to Ukraine

As we begin the end of the Fiscal Year and seven months so far of the war between Ukraine and Russia, the White House is hoping Congress will approve a $47.1 billion emergency funding request to push specific programs past the Fiscal Year into October. There are four main components of this emergency funding request;

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Paying Attention Yet? Senate Blocks Aid For Small Businesses On Same Day They Passed $40 Billion For Ukraine

The Senate on Thursday blocked a $48 billion pandemic relief package for small businesses on the same day they greenlighted a $40 billion military, economic and humanitarian aid package for Ukraine. The $48 billion package was designed to provide relief for restaurants, gyms, live entertainment venues, and other small businesses in the United States. Senators…

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Only 11 Republicans Put America First, Voting No to $40 Billion Aid Package for Ukraine

When the Senate earlier this week voted to advance a $40 billion package to support Ukraine, only 11 Republicans put struggling Americans first by voting against the foreign aid boondoggle. The final tally was 81-11 and represents the first of potentially three procedural votes paving the way for the final Senate passage of the funding.…

Jesse Watters Squeezes Lindsey Graham On Fast Moving Ukraine Aid While Americans Are Left Hanging

Fox News Channel’s Jesse Watters left a squishy Lindsey Graham squirming on Thursday night as he confronted the GOP Senator about why billions of American taxpayer dollars seems to fly out the door for foreign countries while aid for struggling Americans dealing with numerous domestic crises is left hanging in congressional limbo. Watters teed up…

Rand Paul Temporarily Blocks $40 Billion Aid Package to Ukraine: 'Slap in the Face' to Struggling Americans

Rand Paul temporarily blocked passage of the nearly $40 billion Ukraine aid package, thwarting attempts by Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell to push it through before the Senate leaves town for the week. The Republican Senator from Kentucky demanded changes to the bill involving providing access to an Inspector General to monitor how the funds…

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