Why America Loses Wars

By John Waters for RealClearDefense Clausewitz tells us to measure society’s strength by whether we achieve victory on the battlefield. Victory entails not just destroying the enemy’s fighting capability or claiming his territory, but achieving certain political objectives. American politicians have shown a willingness to end wars without achieving their objectives. In other words, they

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Classic 2014 Trump Tweet Highlights Biden's 2022 Foreign Policy Failure

One of the recent best things to happen on Twitter is the reinstatement of former President Donald Trump’s old account. Not because of any new tweets from the Tweeter-in-Chief, but because his old tweets are once again available. While on a personal level I may not be a huge fan of how the former President

Biden Requests Lawmakers Ram Through $37 Billion For Ukraine Before New Congress is Sworn In

President Biden asked Congress for another $37 billion in emergency aid for the Ukraine war. The move comes less than two months before a new Congress is sworn in this January. The request is part of a package to fund the government through the end of September 2023. The deadline for a deal to be

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Rep. Thomas Massie Calls for Immediate Halt to Ukraine Funding, Audit of What Has Already Been Sent

Representative Thomas Massie, a libertarian Republican from Kentucky, is calling for an immediate halt to any further funding to Ukraine and an audit of any monies that have already been delivered by the President and Congress. Massie (R-KY) is coming off the heels of a resounding victory in his reelection bid last week. The congressman

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Report Reveals U.S. Government's 'Secret Wars' Worldwide, Some Even Hidden from Congress

Last August, we all watched as the last American troops left Afghanistan after 20 years of the forever war on terrorism. Suppose you were to ask the everyday American citizen where American troops are fighting wars today. In that case, you have a fair shot of being told, “nowhere.” Suppose you asked those citizens where

MAGA Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene Slams 'America Last' Liz Cheney Over Blank Checks to Ukraine

Conservative firebrand Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene said at a rally that if Republicans win back the House, “not another penny” would go to Ukraine, kicking off a social media spat with neoconservative, America Last Rep. Liz Cheney.  Greene (R-GA), speaking at a rally in Sioux City, Iowa on Thursday, said the blank checks to fund

Ilhan Omar Breaks Down, Starts Shouting Gibberish After Protesters Slam Her Over Billions to Ukraine

Far-left ‘Squad’ Representative Ilhan Omar had a town hall meeting interrupted by protesters upset with her for supporting tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to Ukraine and pushing the country to the brink of nuclear war with Russia. The incident is similar to an earlier episode when far-left socialist AOC had her town hall crashed

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WATCH: AOC Dances Awkwardly as Protesters Again Interrupt Town Hall With Chants of 'AOC Has Got to Go'

Socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) responded rather awkwardly to a group of protesters at her latest town hall, dancing like an injured animal as the protesters chanted “AOC has got to go” and hiding backstage when the lights were turned off. It’s the second time the far-left darling has had a local town hall meeting

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The Left Used To Support Radical Free Speech. Now They Abhor It. What Happened?

I’ve always had a penchant for all things radical. I sometimes argue that I was born in the wrong decade as I always preferred the rock and roll and punk rock of the 60s and 70s. Now that I am retired from military service, I even sport a bright red mohawk as a nod to

Video: AOC Gets Berated At Nearly-Empty Town Hall For Sending Billions To Ukraine, Pushing Country Toward Nuclear War

In an absolutely brutal verbal tongue-lashing, protesters at a town hall interrupted far-left Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and excoriated the congresswoman for supporting Ukraine and pushing the country to the brink of nuclear war. The event, which barely had any attendees if the video is to believed, was held Wednesday at Bronxdale High School

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