Biden Suggests Banning All Semi-Automatic Firearms, Dems Renew 'Defund the Police' Ruse

In the spirit of “never let a crisis go to waste,” President Joe Biden suggested banning all semi-automatic firearms. While on Thanksgiving trip, Biden made comments on the recent shootings at a gay nightclub in Colorado, and a Walmart in Virginia. Biden stated, “I’m sick and tired of these shootings. We should have much stricter

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Classic 2014 Trump Tweet Highlights Biden's 2022 Foreign Policy Failure

One of the recent best things to happen on Twitter is the reinstatement of former President Donald Trump’s old account. Not because of any new tweets from the Tweeter-in-Chief, but because his old tweets are once again available. While on a personal level I may not be a huge fan of how the former President

President Biden’s Grandson Beau, 2, Is Too Cute Visiting Firefighters With Grandpa On Thanksgiving

View gallery Image Credit: Susan Walsh/AP/Shutterstock President Joe Biden, 80, took his youngest grandchild to visit a fire station in Nantucket, Mass. on Thanksgiving, Thursday, Nov. 24. Little Beau Biden, the two-year-old son of Hunter Biden, was absolutely adorable while hanging out with firefighters and exploring the station with his “Pop” Joe and “Nana” Jill

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President Biden Pardons 2 Turkeys On White House Lawn & Jokes About Lack Of ‘Red Wave’ In Midterms

View gallery Image Credit: Chris Kleponis / CNP / SplashNews Two turkeys have officially been saved from slaughter this holiday season. President Joe Biden, 80, carried out the presidential tradition and pardoned two turkeys from North Carolina — one named Chocolate and the other named Chip — on Monday, Nov. 21 ahead of Thanksgiving. He

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Joe & Jill Biden Attend Granddaughter Naomi Biden’s Wedding: See Photo

View gallery Image Credit: Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz President Joe Biden and his wife Jill were a proud “Nana and Pop,” as their granddaughter Naomi, 28, married her husband Peter Neal, 25, at the White House on the South Lawn on Saturday, November 19 in front of 250 guests. The grandparents looked happy to celebrate their eldest grandchild and new

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Naomi Biden Stuns In Long Sleeved Lace & Tulle Wedding Dress: Photo

View gallery Naomi Biden was beautiful in her wedding dress as she arrived at her wedding on Saturday, November 19. President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden’s eldest granddaughter has an amazing fashion sense, and that showed on her wedding day, as she prepared to exchange vows with Peter Neal. She opted for a lace bodice over an off the

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Naomi Biden Marries Peter Neal At The White House: See 1st Photo

View gallery Image Credit: Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz Congratulations to Naomi Biden and her new husband Peter Neal! The couple exchanged vows in a private wedding ceremony on Saturday, November 19 in front of 250 guests at 11:00 a.m., per a statement by The White House. President Joe Biden’s granddaughter, 28, and her husband, 25, have been

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GOP Goes On the Offensive: Will Subpoena Hunter Biden

Republicans have wasted no time beginning the shift in power in Washington D.C. Rep. James Comer (R-KY), who will become Chairman of the House Oversight Committee in January, announced Thursday that the committee will subpoena Hunter Biden regarding his overseas business dealings, and the Biden family’s connections to those deals. During the announcement of the

Biden Requests Lawmakers Ram Through $37 Billion For Ukraine Before New Congress is Sworn In

President Biden asked Congress for another $37 billion in emergency aid for the Ukraine war. The move comes less than two months before a new Congress is sworn in this January. The request is part of a package to fund the government through the end of September 2023. The deadline for a deal to be

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Trump Contrasts Himself From GOP Rivals, Warns Biden is Leading US to 'Brink of Nuclear War'

In a clear contrast from his Democrat rival and other possible Republican contenders for the presidency, Donald Trump announced his 2024 presidential bid and warned that the Biden administration is leading America to the “brink of nuclear war.” In a speech from his Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach on Tuesday night, the former President uncharacteristically

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